Why Wedding and Event Planning is Important

Many people ask me why i decided to get into Wedding and Event Planning so i thought i would do a short blog entry so people could get a bit of an insight in to my life and why i do what i do :)

As some of you may know i am a Property Manager in real estate as well as a proud small business owner, so what started off as an interest and passion as a planner has developed in to a career path for me and the job of my dreams!

I have decided to list some of the reasons why i got in to Wedding and Event Planning:

Im organised and i love to plan, i plan my every meal for the next week, my months social outings and even my life for the next 10 years haha, if you know me you'll know that im always the planner! I even planned my own Hens and husbands bucks night haha, It's just who i am!! Some may call me anal but i just think its normal to be like that haha

i love all things weddings! Like most girls i always dreamt of my wedding day but it didn't stop there for me! I had spreadsheets and scrap books which i would show to people with no hesitation haha

I am quite artistic and love experimenting and trying new things which is a good thing because in this industry it is continusally changing and i love mixing things up!

I am motivated and determined which everyone i have ever crossed paths with has told me! I never stop untill a task is finished and i like to push the limits, which means im not afraid to try new things and if you tell me its impossible im going to make it hapen anyway!

There is no better feeling then a happy client! I want to make everyones special event or day as memorable and as perfect as possible! I love the feeling i get when a client tells me how fantastic and carefree their event was!


I could go on and on forever but thought i better wrap things up for the night!


Thanx for reading 


DEM xxx