Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

Good evening all!

It's been a while since i last did a blog...i have been flat out planning The Hills Wedding Expo i will be attending Sunday June 19th at Castle Hill!!! Hope to see you all there!!

Tonight i thought i would write about some traditions and superstitions that have been carried on over time and a few i had/used at my wedding.

Something new, something old, something blue and something borrowed

For something new i had my wedding dress, for something old i had a family members garter on that they used which was also my something borrowed and my something blue was my shoes i had made which were bright blue.

Father walking you down the aisle

Most people have their dad, grandfather or brother walk them down the aisle i decided to have my mother and father as they are both so important to me so again i took the modern approach having both parents give me away.


I had this tradition at my wedding with a bit of a modern twist which was that i had burlap bags with dried lavender in them which was thrown when myself and husband left the ceremony as husband and wife


Traditionally five sugared almonds were given as favours to represent the sweet and bitter aspects of married life. The reason five almonds were given as they represented five different things,happiness, longetivity and fertitlity. I had a lolly buffet at my wedding which still had the lolly sweet and bitter aspect but was modernised.

Being carried through the door after the wedding

My husband carried me through the hotel room door on our wedding night, traditionally this represents the husband carrying the bride over the threshold to protect her from any evil spirits that may be present in their new house or home together.


The list goes on and on but i thought i would just discuss a few traditions that i used/had at my wedding.


DEM xxx