Anniversary Gift Ideas

Good Evening Everyone,

Seeing as though my 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up i thought i would go through some traditional wedding gift symbols and some gift ideas :)

1st - Paper - notebook personalised with names, a handwritten letter, wedding vows printed and framed, coupons designed by the gift giver

2nd - Cotton - personalised cotton clothing, cross stitch portrait, personalised cushion

3rd - Leather - personalised wallet or bag, belt, watch or jewellery

4th - Fruit/Flowers - fruit bouquet, personalised fruit box, re create the brides bouquet from the wedding, a crushed flower from the wedding in a book

5th - Wood - personalised cheese platter, handmade bookmark, wooden keepsake box, wooden candle, picture frame

6th - Candy/Iron - jewellery, keyring , personalised tools, sculptures, gourmet chocolates, personalised lollies

7th - Wool/Copper - clothing, jewellery, sculpture , vases , bowls

8th - Pottery - vases, sculptures, pottery couples class voucher

9th - Willow/Wicker - wicker furniture, candle

10th - Tin/Aluminum - jewellery, a personalised tin of something , make a delicious meal and put it in foil

15th - Crystal - brooch, jewellery , vase , wine or beer glass engraved , crystal candlesticks

20th - China - bowls, china tea set, a trip to china, china doll , engraved china mug

25th - Silver - jewellery engraved, pen, hip flask, keyring, picture frame

30th - Pearl - jewellery, mother of pearl cutlery set, picture frame or vase

35th - Coral - a trip to the reef, coral item of clothing or jewellery, seafood dinner

40th - Ruby - jewellery, ruby coloured clothing , roses

45th - Sapphire - jewellery , cuff links , sapphire pendant , sapphire coloured tie or suit

50th - Gold - jewellery, frame , pendant , jewellery box , watch, gold class vouchers

55th - Emerald - jewellery, emerald coloured clothing, frame

60th - Diamond - jewellery, watch, stay in a hotel with diamond in the name, cufflinks


Hope you have enjoyed reading


DEM xx